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We created Fitness Junction to combine convenience, a knowledgeable staff, and neighborhood feel for the beginner all the way to the advance fitness enthusiast.

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Our mission is to provide a clean and safe facility with a variety of equipment and services that will offer personal training, group training and nutritional coaching to help YOU get RESULTS! Whatever your personal GOALS are we are there every rep and step of the way!!

We follow the 4 C’s for service (Convenience, Coaching, Cleanliness, Customer Service).

Kelsey Kane, Club Director



Cardio Selection

18+ Cardio Machines Available

Personal Training

One on One Private Training Sessions

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20+ Machine & Free Weights

Group Trainings

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Kelsey Kane

Club Director & Lead Trainer

Kelsey has been with Fitness Junction since day 1. It was always her dream to make her passion a career & helping others with their health journey is her main priority. She has a Bachelors in Business Administration & has been a personal trainer for 6 years. Coaching & educating clients on proper weightlifting form, how to engage your muscles & build muscle is Kelsey’s niche. She has competed in a bodybuilding competition to challenge her own body & was also a D1 cheerleader at Morehead State.  As a trainer, Kelsey really emphasizes the mental side of health too. Believing that your body & mind work together to become the best version of yourself.  She preaches to have balance in all areas of life.  Kelsey wants you to feel welcome every time you walk through the gym doors. We are all family here & she wants you to reach your goals no matter where you are at in your journey.

Kourtney Balsitis

Personal Trainer & Group Coach

Kourtney is a certified ISSA Personal Trainer and has been involved in the fitness industry for 9 years. She started out as a Group Fitness Instructor her freshman year at Illinois State University, then moved out to the city and coached group fitness classes at the Chicago Athletic Clubs. She made her way back to her hometown of Byron and has been working at Fitness Junction for the past 2 years as a Personal Trainer & Group Coach of the T/Th morning classes. She’s also the administrator of the “Coach Up” App, providing online workout plans for clients to follow. Coaching is not just a “job” to Kourtney, it is truly a passion that she cares deeply about and loves every minute of it! Her favorite part is getting to know her clients on a deeper level so they are not only focused on their physical health, but also strengthening their mental health. When you work with Kourtney, you will not only gain a trainer, but will also gain a friend! Her niche is on weight loss and toning, and has helped many clients on their journey of losing 35+ pounds. She has worked with people of all ages and sizes, and is great at providing modifications for beginners, so no matter where you are at on your journey, she will create a plan perfect for your goals!

Jackie Legue

Group Trainer

Jackie has a passion for helping others, she has a bachelor’s degree in the Human Service field and has helped hundreds of youth within Ogle County over the last 5 years. Legue is currently completing her physical training schooling with NASM and has gained an abundance of knowledge and tools for personalized approaches to science based strategies and can’t wait to help clients learn new ways to live happier healthier lives. What has been a driving factor for Legue are her 2 young children and husband—after becoming a mom she realized that weightlifting was a healthy outlet to not only managing her physical well-being, but her mental health as well. Prioritizing proper form, while building strength, and staying consistent have been the key factors in her health journey, she is even more excited and eager to in cooperate these factors into clients lives and hopes to make a lasting impact, while helping them with the structure and guidance they may need to empower themselves!

Aslyn Neeld

Group Trainer

Meet Aslyn Rae. This long time Davis Junction resident is a Culinary School Graduate and working hard towards her Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education. Aslyn has been focused on her health for nearly 2 years now, after turning 40 in 2020. This passion led her to earn Top 12 of 80 in her group for a national fitness magazine competition last summer, dedicate 5 days a week to the gym, and learn ALL about nutrition and wellness. Most important of all, Aslyn wants to educate others how moving your body can fuel your mind and your soul too!

Madi Edwards

Personal Trainer

Madi graduated from Stillman Valley high school in 2019 and Rock Valley in 2021. Growing up Madi has always been active and always loved sports. In high school, Madi played volleyball, which eventually lead to her passion for working out. Madi has been working out for 4 years and it not has only affected her physically, but also mentally. Madi specializes in resistance training with focus on hypertrophy. Outside of physical training, Madi has also helped with coaching volleyball at the middle school level. What got Madi interested in personal training is that she wanted to help people take that next step to make that change in their lifestyle. Madi wants to help people transform their lives, while also being able to enjoy their lives outside of the gym!

Shannon Kaltenbach

Personal Trainer

Meet Shannon Kaltenbach, who has lived in the surrounding area her whole life and loves the small town atmosphere. She taught 4th/5th grade at Monroe Center Elementary School for last 17 years and just recently walked away to pursue her passion with helping others through her health and wellness business. Shannon has always been a fitness junkie passionate about health and wellness, but her passion for weightlifting started 4 years ago when an injury led her to make some changes to her fitness routine. She joined this gym and trained with Kelsey, who immediately inspired her to continue growing those muscles and transforming her body even at the age of 40! This passion has led her to consistently show up 5-6 days a week crushing her own goals, work on her personal trainer certification, learn as much as she can about nutrition, and overall health. Shannon wants to inspire those around her that it’s never too late to work on you, adding weights is essential, you can work around injuries and that it’s truly about overall health not skinny. She has an amazing husband and 2 beautiful children who support her passions and she loves riding motorcycles in her spare time. Shannon is very excited for the opportunity to serve the community here at Fitness Junction.




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